Brands it market will get together at Road Show “Spring Boom 2018”
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Very soon, in the second half of may will host a regional Road Show of “Spring Boom 2018”. Cycle of it workshops will be held in five cities of Ukraine:

  • Kharkov – 15 may
  • Zaporozhye – 18 may
  • Lviv – may 22
  • Kiev – may 29
  • Odessa – may 31

Partners of the event will be leaders of the it market: AMD; ColorWay; Lenovo; Logitech; Motorola. Another partner at the seminar in Kiev is a company VINGA.

The field of information technologies today are tightly integrated into daily life, becoming its integral part. The emergence of new tools and ways to cope with the volatility of the market, forcing all participants to follow the latest trends to maintain the relevance of its proposals.

Brands it market will get together at Road Show "Spring Boom 2018"

The organizer of the tour of regional seminars – the company, “Kristyk and Partners”, every time offers the participants of its workshops the most innovative solutions. Practice shows, the events of such level gives partners and participants in the future to more effectively build their marketing strategies, thereby increasing sales.
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This time with a purpose in the framework of the Road Show “Spring Boom 2018” will be implemented exhibition area. On the territory V-zone brands will be able to present to wide audience their latest innovations and flagship of the development, and visitors will have the opportunity to test proposed innovations and get acquainted with the products of the companies:

AIRON, ColorWay, GoPro, Lenovo, Logitech, Motorola, SanDisk, Seasonic, VINGA

Visitors to each of these seminars will have a unique opportunity:

– to communicate directly with the vendors;
– to learn about the internal state of the it market based on the analytical data presented by GfK;
– get to know current innovations and proposals of the leading brands of the it segment;
– get actionable tips and hints from business owners on ways to increase sales;
– to master the most advanced technologies in the field of promotion of goods.

A nice addition for the participants will be competitions in social networks from partners and organizers. Part of the activity is already running. Watch for announcements in Facebook.

Throughout the series of seminars informational partners of the regional Road Show of “Spring Boom 2018” will be Internet portals: Computer Review, Composter 2.0, ITnews.

Getting today’s most innovative and effective tools to promote products – each member shall ensure the maintenance of leadership in the future.

Details about Road Show “Spring Boom 2018” can be found on the website of the organizer
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